Behind the Scene: The Power of the Purse – Empowering Women to Wealth

The “Power of the Purse” event, presented on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, was a fantastic way to inspire women to have financial stability to be successful throughout the course of their lives. The event was beautifully hosted at the Brantford Golf & Country Club for the second time in row and quickly sold out. In addition to empowering women to wealth, the event is in support of Brantford’s Nova Vita organization. They aid women, children and men who have suffered from domestic abuse by providing them with clothing, shelter, food and emotional and financial support. All proceeds from the event’s silent auction and ten dollars from each ticket sold were donated to Nova Vita; to ensure the amazing organization can continue to be successful in helping people recover from their heart breaking misfortunes. Anne Ruddell, a representative for Nova Vita, spoke about the importance of the organization with a high degree of compassion. The Power of the Purse attracted many ladies to help show their support for Nova Vita while learning valuable life skills about dealing with money.

In comparison to the first “Power of the Purse” event last year, this event was more interactive with plenty of room for discussion and brainstorming among the presenters and the audience. Shannon McMannis: Certified Financial Planner forCornerstone Capital Financial Groupi, was the host of “The Power of the Purse”. Her vision is to shine a light on the astounding efforts Nova Vita contributes to the people in our community, and to help women feel confident and knowledgeable with their finances. She confidently stated that, “Women should be educated because the more you know, the better!” Shannon has a clear passion for helping women to become financially successful in life.

The evening was organized so thoughtfully and elegantly. The women were all very excited to be a part of the event. Anne Manson: Vice President, Cl Investments Inc. along with Rebecca Moore: Consultant and Researcher, presented the interactive workshop, “Women and Money.” The workshop had five steps to financial success; 1. Be prepared, 2. Gather as much valuable information as possible, 3. Have those difficult conversations about finances with loved ones, 4. Seek professional advice, and 5. Focus on your well-being. The presentation was extremely thorough in addressing the importance of having financial stability as women. In the past women were not typically the “breadwinners” of the household, but of course that has changed so women must know how to properly handle their wealth. Anne Manson explained that together, your inherited family values towards money, your money personality, and your acquired knowledge about money determines your financial behaviour. This event spoke to women in the pre-retirement and retirement stages of their lives, as it can be a challenging transition for many people in terms of dealing with wealth. Anne and Rebecca allowed the women in the audience to share their stories and ideas which was a refreshing take on the presentation. The women were left feeling empowered about the next steps they should take to lead to wealth in the future.

This event was made possible by the amazing women listed above along with many generous sponsors from our community. It was an informative evening that sparked new ideas about how to live a financially successful life and how to give back to the community. The “Power of the Purse” event was well received by the women who attended. It was a realistic and inspiring perspective towards women and finances today.

Submitted by: Valerie Sawicki
Photography: Yvonne Morrison-Miller

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