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Life happens!  Raised by her grandmother on social assistance Shannon is no stranger to facing and overcoming life’s challenges. In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner TM, Shannon’s personal portfolio also includes income property and small business management. Her personal experience and passion for helping others achieve their goals led to a desire to focus some of her energy on helping other women achieve financial stability and freedom. This is how 

The Power of The Purse was born. 

Shannon has met with many women at different stages of life and noticed that women often do not take an active role in the day to day finances in their household. As a result they can sometimes find themselves unsure of their own financial stability in times when it is needed most. Her goal was to reach as many women as possible to offer them advice and guidance in a friendly, relaxed and inviting setting. 

The Power of the Purse Speaker series offers the opportunity for women to receive guidance and insights in finance, investment, retirement and law that is specifically tailored to women. Many of the speakers are women themselves and bring with them years of professional and personal experience.